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Institute for Neurological Discoveries

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Letter from the Directors

Transforming ideas into reality. 
Translating research into cures. 
Transcending suffering and heartbreak associated with neurological disorders.

These are the reasons why we have established the Institute for Neurological Discoveries.

Few diseases carry the impact of neurological disorders. More than one in three individuals suffer from neurological disorders in their lifetime, and residents of the Kansas City region are no exception.

From a newborn child with cerebral palsy to an elderly grandfather with Alzheimer's disease, these diseases impact not only the patient, but also the family. They rob otherwise healthy individuals of the ability to see and hear, to walk unassisted, to live a life unencumbered by chronic pain, to recognize their spouse and children — the very essence of life itself.

The time is now to face the challenges in understanding and treating these disorders. Even as we prolong the lifespan by conquering other diseases such as cancer and heart disease, the incidence of neurological disorders is rapidly increasing.

The Institute for Neurological Discoveries is a regional enterprise that takes advantage of considerable strengths in basic and clinical neuroscience within the greater Kansas City region. We are proud to be promoting collaborations with more than 100 members from more than seven outstanding area institutions.

Through targeted and directed programs, we are excited to see our research teams attacking the very roots of neurological disease. We are strongly committed to improving the health and well-being of greater Kansas City residents, and we look forward to taking on new challenges. We are pleased to be forging new partnerships as we work with the community to further the mission of the Institute for Neurological Discoveries. Together, we can accomplish great things.

Randolph J. Nudo, PhD
Director, Institute for Neurological Discoveries

Mazen Dimachkie, MD
Associate Director, Institute for Neurological Discoveries

Last modified: Aug 27, 2018