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Medical Mission Partners of Kansas

Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) concerns, most medical education and mission trips are being canceled or rescheduled. Therefore, this award cycle is being put on hold until it is feasible for students and residents to begin traveling again. We will reevaluate the situation in the fall. If your travel dates are later in the year or next year, or your trip is rescheduled, we will be happy to consider your application in a future award cycle. We will consider retroactive funding if your international medical education rotation or mission trip has already occurred. Please email with any questions.

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The Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center (KRRC) believes in the value of serving at home and abroad. The KRRC is proud to partner with Kansas health care organizations that support and offer incentives for providers that help fulfill their desire to serve in global health initiatives.

How We Help Health Care Providers

Medical Education and Mission Award

The Medical Education and Mission Award (MEMA) supports domestic healthcare projects/initiatives that serve vulnerable populations within the United States. Award requests can be made in any amount up to $500. Priority is given to students, residents and fellows who have a desire to pursue a practice in a rural or urban underserved area upon completion of their training.

International Medical Education and Mission Award

The International Medical Education and Mission (IMEM) Award supports international clinical education rotations and medical missions. There are two application cycles per year and each award is $1,000. This award is open to US residents who are a student, resident physician, or fellow in an approved program.

Other Mission Scholarships

Additional scholarship opportunities for students, resident physicians, and fellows pursuing a global health experience.


  • Organizations and Services that support Medical Missions
  • Kansas licensure information
  • Multi-state licensure

Temporary Coverage

The Kansas Locum Tenens Plus program works with health care providers who are looking for temporary coverage opportunities in short- or long-term assignments.

• Kansas licensure information

Kansas Job Opportunities

The KRRC works with Kansas health care organizations that offer mission-driven incentives as part of their benefits package. Temporary or permanent opportunities are available. Contact a recruitment specialist today to learn more.

How We Help Health Care Organizations

Our goal is to develop a pipeline of service-oriented providers who would also find fulfillment serving in a rural or underserved Kansas community. We partner with health care organizations in Kansas that offer mission-driven incentives as part of their benefits package.

If your organization is interested in partnership or want to learn more, contact Joyce Grayson.

Last modified: Apr 28, 2021
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Your Mission

IMEM Award Application Cycle
Pending Due to Travel Restrictions

MEMA Award Application Cycle
April 1, 2021-May 15, 2021


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